Electricity as A Force of Nature

In this first video, two utility workers in the Nevada desert are witness to the result of a 500 kV switch suddenly opening. The huge jagged-edged electric arc that leaps out is as good an example of a “Jacob’s Ladder” effect as you’re likely to see anywhere.

via Pogpog.com – 500 kV Switch Opens.

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  1. It’s that sort of phenomena that’s lead me to being an engineer. So many cool things in this world, and I love every single one of’em!

    Try looking up ferrofluid on youtube if you never have before… some crazy stuff that does some wonderful things.

    • Hi Benny,
      Thanks for stopping by. I’ll definitely check on that ferrofluid you mentioned. How’s it going with the Euler problem? That’s a fun site. Difficult math questions though!

      I found some additional electrical discharge videos, one recent, one old. Stop by my bloggy home when you have a chance, they’ll be waiting here for you!

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