Word Games

Great Vocab Didn't Save the Thesaurus from Extinction

The Original Thesaurus is Gone but an Evolved Creature HAS Been Sited Recently

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More verbal fun can be found at the Wordplay Website.  Go there to get your

  • anagrams,
  • palindromes,
  • spoonerisms,
  • tongue-twisters,
  • pangrams and
  • Rebus puzzles.

Don’t forget mnemonics!  Be on the lookout for malapropisms, too. It’s all part and parcel of the joy that is etymology.

Oxymorora are also featured. N.B. Fun-with-words taught me that “oxymorons” is not grammatically correct. I’d just assumed that it was the same singular-plural form as moron versus morons! I’d like to segue into a good example of English usage for that term.  It also pertains to those who make indiscriminate or spammy comments:

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