Twitter Influence System

Twitter flow chart

Twitter influence is subtle and difficult to capture

Twitter influence ranges beyond measuring followers, @ replies and re-tweets. It isn’t trivial to calculate the true reach of an individual’s Twitter updates. Such are the challenges encountered in quantifying influence (perhaps even value) of Twitter users’ activity.

Percentage of Tweets Read

Actual percentage of Twitter content read

This chart shows the percentage of tweets read in relation to the number of people followed. As could be expected, the more people you follow, the smaller the percentage of tweets you actually read.

Both images, Twitter Influence EcoSystem and Percentage of Tweets Read are original work by John V Lane, via Flickr, and reproduced here under Creative Commons License/by-sa/2.0.

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  1. Ellie, what a lovely message. Thank you for the kind words. Sadly, the Independent newspapers have of late, been deleting and closing lots of comments areas. Thus your message (and every other one on that article page) got deleted by the newspaper. Frustrating. I only happened to see it, when I looked in disqus today, under the REPLIES tab. I was unsure how to respond, so I noticed you had a blog. I hope it is ok to reply here.

    Your words are much appreciated. I have always enjoyed politics and reasoned debate. I am most likely right of centre in an economic context; and left of centre in a social context. I believe in people (at times, only God knows why) and communities.

    I enjoy reading your comments too – when they pop up.

    I like your blog. Reminds me, I must finish of my own blog and finally get it set up.

    I hope you see this reply.

    All my best,

    el dude.


    • Greetings, El Dude!
      Thank you so much for visiting. How are you? Are you okay, what with those riots in the U.K.? Please stay safe and well. Be careful!
      Best wishes, Ellie
      P.S. Don’t forget to tell me when you have your own blog up and running. The attorney on whose website you left a message for me the other day is a nice man. He made sure that I knew you had dropped by.


  2. […] true reach of an individual’s Twitter updates. Such are the challenges encountered… […]


  3. One thing I noticed here. I *never* look at what my followers are posting. Why? Cause I don’t ever use the full followers list aka the “Home” tab under Timeline.

    What do I look at? I have private lists. Active, Devops, Startups, Journalists & Real. Each of these is a curated list of people I want to focus on. They need to (a) have high klout scores (b) be interactive with people on twitter and (c) use it professionally not socially.

    So why follow people you might ask. Well it’s a little quirk of twitter, many of the people you follow (maybe 15%) will automatically follow you back. So the more you work at it the more you can build your own follower count. It’s a sort of hack, but sadly in this world people do fixate on your “follower count” as how much street cred or rock star you have in you. 🙂


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