How to clean the Goo dot gl virus

computer virusThis is an example of an exceptionally false-positive computer virus concern. More accurate: General lack of having a clue.

How to clean the goo dot gl virus when you run it?

The worm spreads on Twitter as a link. Careful with this.

quora query

Computer Viruses: View the question and associated answers on Quora.

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  1. Thanks for info…had not heard of that

    • Hello Mr. Geiger, I hope all is well for you. Just so you know, this is not a real virus. It was a very silly joke that I saw on Quora.

      In fact, (goo dot gl) is the official Google short URL service. It isn’t a virus. It is very safe, just as much as bitly or more so. Here is a little article that I wrote for fun, several years ago, about short URLs, URL Tall Tales: Googl and Bitly, a Shorter Story.

      Best wishes to your for a happy and prosperous New Year!
      — Ellie

      • Hello, Ellie, Yes, I got the joke…just thought I would play along, I am into irony and dead pan humor -:) Hope you are having a good month and that the new year brings you everything you want and need!!

  2. Hi. Who is the female neurologist that contributed to Wiki but decided to leave (account name, not real name). Just curious to see what went down. No stalking or anything.

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