White Lives Matter

flow chart about race

It doesn’t matter what you do; it will never be enough.

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  1. Sad but true

  2. Yes – things can be taken to extremes, as in the graphic. However that still does not mean that anti-Black racism doesn’t exist. It does. I’m in the UK and have never forgotten how a black colleague – a senior manager in the company I then worked with – surprised us all when he said that he keeps ALL his identity documents with him at all times. The reason was the number of times he’d been stopped by police in his car. They immediately assumed that a black guy driving a top-range car must either be a drugs warlord (hence the big car – so search for drugs) or the car was stolen. By having the documents he could speed up the process to show the car was his and he had a senior job in a company that let him have the car. That was how racism impacted him – and none of us listening had ever been stopped for anything other than when we’d done something wrong such as speeding, etc.

    So you can take things to extremes. But failing to recognise white privilege IS racism.

  3. Margaret Wente, a long-time newspaper columnist, plagiarist and probably racist who is willing to argue “Racism: Why not?” has been black-balled at Massey College by the “Racism: Absolutely Not” people who, apparently, refuse to argue that question in which case, it is they who have no place at Massey College.

  4. […] found the U.S. Mint’s description of the coin fascinating, especially in light of recent social and civil unrest in the United States during the springtime months of 2020. (I initially wrote this post in 2011, and current events are […]

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