White Lives Matter

flow chart about race

It doesn’t matter what you do; it will never be enough.

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  1. Sad but true

    • Yes. Stay safe, dear heart. Always IS forever, as I remember my beloved family members no longer in this world, moved on to the next. Thank you for stopping by to visit and comment.

  2. Yes – things can be taken to extremes, as in the graphic. However that still does not mean that anti-Black racism doesn’t exist. It does. I’m in the UK and have never forgotten how a black colleague – a senior manager in the company I then worked with – surprised us all when he said that he keeps ALL his identity documents with him at all times. The reason was the number of times he’d been stopped by police in his car. They immediately assumed that a black guy driving a top-range car must either be a drugs warlord (hence the big car – so search for drugs) or the car was stolen. By having the documents he could speed up the process to show the car was his and he had a senior job in a company that let him have the car. That was how racism impacted him – and none of us listening had ever been stopped for anything other than when we’d done something wrong such as speeding, etc.

    So you can take things to extremes. But failing to recognise white privilege IS racism.

    • Arthur, you are telling me that I am a racist on my own blog. Gee thank you.

      “So you can take things to extremes. But failing to recognise white privilege IS racism.”

      I am white (and I am Jewish like you but that isn’t relevant), and do not believe I need to bow my knees in homage (“doven”) to black people just because of the color of their skin.

  3. Margaret Wente, a long-time newspaper columnist, plagiarist and probably racist who is willing to argue “Racism: Why not?” has been black-balled at Massey College by the “Racism: Absolutely Not” people who, apparently, refuse to argue that question in which case, it is they who have no place at Massey College.

    • Thank you, Mr. Goetze, as usual. I read the link you kindly provided with interest. I hope you are doing well up north, and staying safe from Corona chan.

  4. […] found the U.S. Mint’s description of the coin fascinating, especially in light of recent social and civil unrest in the United States during the springtime months of 2020. (I initially wrote this post in 2011, and current events are […]

  5. This is doing triple backflips to not see the forest for the trees. Ask more “whys?” and good lord, get over yourself. Unsubscribed. Good riddance.

    • Hello Brett O’Connor! You’re the nice person from the Internet and Twitter, my friend who told me about tilde club. I read a great article about tilde club recently https://medium.com/message/tilde-club-i-had-a-couple-drinks-and-woke-up-with-1-000-nerds-a8904f0a2ebf This is so cute! http://tilde.club/~butts/

      Apparently, you are no longer my friend. I don’t understand what you’re trying to tell me, about the triple backflips, not seeing forest for the trees, lots of metaphors and rejection, but not much specificity. I’m unclear about why you say I should “get over myself” yet you’re the one telling me good riddance and making fun of my blog name. I’m sorry to lose you as a subscriber, and as a friend of many years, for reasons that you can’t or won’t articulate.

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