Second Life View and Reviewed

I have a mix of items about Linden Lab’s virtual world, Second Life, for today’s post. First let me emphasize how much I enjoy Second Life. Time in Second Life for me is excitement and delight, interacting with people from around the globe, the opportunity to practice my foreign language skills, learn about other cultures and beliefs, history and couture, computing and technology, human nature and music. I have a wonderful there.


In early June, Linden Research reduced head count by 30%, and shuttered its business-targeted (enterprise) program.  Shortly after, then-CEO Mark Kingdon announced his departure from Linden Lab. Phillip Rosedale, the original creative force of Second Life, returned as the interim CEO. The story was covered by The Wall Street Journal, “Digits” blog. I was dismayed by the abrupt corporate reorganization. Sustained existence on “the bleeding edge” is not appealing to me. I wrote this as a comment on Another surprise at Second Life – Founder is CEO Again (WSJ Digits, 24 June 2010): (more…)

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Voice of the User, Part 1

In past than 24 hours, two well-established third-party viewers (TPV’s) have departed Linden Lab’s virtual world and made the move into open-source territory. The Lua coded Luna Viewer transitioned to a more accessible team coding repository at Github, and will run only in an Open Sim world. Imprudence viewer will no longer run in LL’s Agni, the Second Life production environment.

Voice of the User

The User Says: I’m Confused!

The developers announced their move to OSGrid, Reaction Grid, Third Rock or another non-LL virtual world yesterday. Reaction Grid focuses on the growing and favorably perceived educational applications of virtual worlds. Privately held Linden Lab is merely one option for the social-gaming and commerce metaverse, albeit the largest in terms of active users, name recognition, and level of systems infrastructure and application development. (more…)

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Death Comes to Second Life. Again?

Some very special treats have floated by as I idle away my unemployed days.

Farewell, Pathfinder Linden!  I enjoyed happy hours rummaging through your bookshelves, playing your harpsichord, dredging through the copy-mod-transferable sheet music, personal RL photos and CD cases you thoughtfully left strewn on the floor of your in-world office.  Although rumored to be aloof, Pathfinder did appear to be a critical thinker, successful advocate of educational applications for Second Life, and contributor in the RL healthcare field. It would’ve been prudent for Linden Lab to keep him on staff, rather than eliminating his job.

Perhaps Not-so-full-of-Crap Mariner’s Vinnie Linden could be a SL eulogy for Pathfinder? Fly-in-the-ointment with that theory is the timing discrepancy. “Ode to Vinnie” was released in 2008.

On the Viewer War frontlines, many have noted the passing of young Master 5050, noted by NexisONLINE Status blog and at SLUniverse General Discussion.  Advisory to all native and non-native speakers of the English language: the Notorious 5050 has risen and blogs again. I personally hearken more to Mr. Poenta’s campaign to “avenge the banning of the innocents”.

To end on an equally somber note, I was saddened to read of the demise of Luna viewer, discontinued on Agni and no longer running anywhere else as of March 22. Nexis ONLINE experienced no end of complications, ranging from Linden Lab’s viewer policies to the negative impact of copybot activity on Nexis’s SLX-type product FlexMarket.

Massacre at Braunworth: Slaughter of the Newbies

Memento mori. I dedicate this post to the deities of the internet and transformation.  Horus and Hermes, Legba and Shiva, you are having quite a field day in our little corner of virtual reality.  T.S. Eliot always says it best, excerpted from The Four Quartets:

In my beginning is my end.  In succession
Houses rise and fall, crumble, are extended,
Are removed, destroyed, restored, or in their place
Is an open field, or a factory, or a by-pass…
The only wisdom we can hope to acquire
Is the wisdom of humility. Humility is endless.

What we call the beginning is often the end
And to make and end is to make a beginning.
The end is where we start from.

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Hacking is fun for you and me!

Here are my favorite exploit-themed Flash videos of the moment.  The first is very G-rated: “Copying is fun!” (courtesy of youtube’s 33×3 sketch).  It  is entirely English-language,  although the Russian translation may be counter-intuitive.

The second is an excellent exposition, set to an emotionally charged soundtrack, of a commercial website’s security vulnerability and of the discoverer’s attempts, and eventual success, at enlightening said enterprise of the situation. I’d love to share with the Computer Information Security group on, but suspect that this is a more appropriate venue.

AvatarsUnited Security Hole 12 Feb 2010

from Isoz Bioworm on Vimeo.

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