Twitter Influence System

Twitter flow chart

Twitter influence is subtle and difficult to capture

Twitter influence ranges beyond measuring followers, @ replies and re-tweets. It isn’t trivial to calculate the true reach of an individual’s Twitter updates. Such are the challenges encountered in quantifying influence (perhaps even value) of Twitter users’ activity.

Percentage of Tweets Read

Actual percentage of Twitter content read

This chart shows the percentage of tweets read in relation to the number of people followed. As could be expected, the more people you follow, the smaller the percentage of tweets you actually read.

Both images, Twitter Influence EcoSystem and Percentage of Tweets Read are original work by John V Lane, via Flickr, and reproduced here under Creative Commons License/by-sa/2.0.

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Good Code



xkcd: Good Code.

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Systems Administration Lite

I am amused as I contemplate the mindset of whomever took one look at this on-site, turned around, and said “You don’t want to know what I just saw back there…” and promptly fled the server room or data center.

If you rush the System Admin you do so at your peril

Behind the Scenes

The image renders in a delightfully high level of detail, which I recommend to those who wish to experience it in its full glory! I have a very easily triggered sense of humor, I admit. Your patience is appreciated for the foreseeable future.

Thank you, Major Hayden! The Major is a nice young man who blogs as “Social Nerd” over on Posterous.

via And this is why you don’t rush a systems administrator. – The Social Nerd.

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