Voice of the User, Part 1

In past than 24 hours, two well-established third-party viewers (TPV’s) have departed Linden Lab’s virtual world and made the move into open-source territory. The Lua coded Luna Viewer transitioned to a more accessible team coding repository at Github, and will run only in an Open Sim world. Imprudence viewer will no longer run in LL’s Agni, the Second Life production environment.

Voice of the User

The User Says: I’m Confused!

The developers announced their move to OSGrid, Reaction Grid, Third Rock or another non-LL virtual world yesterday. Reaction Grid focuses on the growing and favorably perceived educational applications of virtual worlds. Privately held Linden Lab is merely one option for the social-gaming and commerce metaverse, albeit the largest in terms of active users, name recognition, and level of systems infrastructure and application development. (more…)

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