YouTube copyright block icon

This is what YouTube returns if a video is blocked due to copyright issues. It was implemented as part of the new HTML5 version of the YouTube video player.

The icon is so sweet and endearing that I almost forget to be irritated because I wasn’t allowed to watch the video!

copyright block icon
This video contains content from MGM, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.
Sorry about that.”


UPDATE: Perhaps I should change that back to HTML in light of this: Meet HTML, the spec formerly known as HTML5.

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Antipiracy lawyers pirate from other antipiracy lawyers

Yet more of those pirates

So Versatile: Anti-Piracy Attorney AND Pirate!

Do you dream about getting into the P2P?
via Antipiracy lawyers pirate from other antipiracy lawyers.

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Internet Pornographers Now Suing Pirates

via Internet Pornographers Now Suing Pirates from Mashable. I’ll add to this post, as this most recent incident is merely one chapter of the ongoing exchange.

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