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High Speed Rail Transit in China? And California too?

Earlier this morning I was reading about Governor Schwarzenegger’s junket excursion to South East Asia, to have a look at the latest technology that People’s Republic of China has to offer in high-speed passenger rail transportation. The article featured a few nice photos of trains (the Governor obscured the rest).

Apparently the State of California, with its $19 billion deficit, is now investigating public transportation alternatives used in many other parts of the world.  China has the world’s longest high-speed rail line. However, the expertise to develop and build it was largely contributed by European and other Asian countries with advanced technological skills in everything from control systems to laying tracks. There will be some fascinating Intellectual Property law issues should China decide to enter the high-speed rail market as a producer and exporter using this technology.

China will also experience market-based challenges in the form of competition from countries such as South Korea (who has worked in a contractual arrangement with the EU’s high-speed TGV passenger rail leader). Both South Korea and Japan would be eager to work with California, or any other U.S. government-funded entities, in upgrading our nation’s passenger rail service.

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So-called “brain drain” seems to be a problem all over

Student database used in Chinese “re-patriation” effort

Shanghai authorities have revealed that they are using a database of Chinese students studying abroad in a bid to attract top talent back to the city. The database [is populated with information corresponding to] Chinese students attending the world’s top 100 universities…

*Post was dated September 12, 2010, but does not suffer for that unduly.  I hope.

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