Moore’s Law

Moore and his law | Chemical Heritage Foundation: We Tell the Story of Chemistry. Library. Museum. Center for Scholars. Policy Center. Fellowships.

This is a very impressive site. It is likely that CHF is extremely well-funded. Note the subtle use of canvassing and the speed with which the page loads. Observe the richness of the search options. And there are references galore to Gordon E. Moore’s famous law!

I did not realize that Moore was a chemist, and co-founder of both Fairchild Semiconductor and Intel. I would assess a high probability to the conjecture that Greg Moore of Moore Brothers Wine Company, who generously donated proceeds for the Franklin-Lavoisier Prize Ceremony event, is a close relative (offspring, perhaps?) of Gordon Moore.

There are many interesting items on this page, including some lush colorful visuals of the chart variety. I bookmarked but have not yet read the following:

  • Innovation: What was Old is New Again
  • Medal Winner’s Emotional Moments
  • Carlson vs. Moore
  • Patterning the World
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