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This is independent journalism and the new media at its finest. jalopnik provides coverage of the helicopter crash on Pikes Peak during an Audi commercial of a driver-less test vehicle. First, there was a breaking news article, which included quotes from a local TV station and Audi America in addition to photos and video footage moments after the crash while victims were still trapped in the helicopter. Yet nothing that was in poor taste or impinged on the privacy of victims was captured.

via Helicopter Crash On Pikes Peak During Audi Commercial Shoot.

I was pleased to note a follow-up article the next morning, providing an update that all  Helicopter Crew In Pikes Peak Audi Commercial Shoot Released From Hospital. Nice to have a happy ending once in a while! Although I won’t even editorialize on the lack of common sense regarding the driver-less vehicle on Pike’s Peak, involving Stanford University researchers as well as Audi America. However, the National Transportation Board was on the scene the next day, so I trust the matter is in good hands.

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