How to clean the Goo dot gl virus

computer virusThis is an example of an exceptionally false-positive computer virus concern. More accurate: General lack of having a clue.

How to clean the goo dot gl virus when you run it?

The worm spreads on Twitter as a link. Careful with this.

quora query

Computer Viruses: View the question and associated answers on Quora.

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Where are some good places to try when Quora does not have the answer?

  • Aardvark, now owned by Google, is effectively a two-step search process. The first part is done with machine matching, followed by human synthesis and information delivery
  • Ask a reference librarian* or submit an online query, to any large county library, university library or specialty library. Specialty libraries include the regional U.S. Patent Libraries. Other examples are endowed libraries such as those funded by The Annenberg Foundation or The Chemical Heritage Foundation.
  • Ask the Newsvine online community, an MSNBC News property
  • StackOverflow, a programming Question and Answer site which has evolved into an online community with experience and credibility indicators. There are a total of 46 active, topic-specific Question and Answer “stacks” in the Stack Exchange family of sites
  • Ask Pew Research. They have an ongoing “Ask the Expert” series where questions are accepted and then published on site, as a free service. Topics are specific to the seven Pew research projects:
    • People & the Press
    • Excellence in Journalism
    • Internet & American Life
    • Religion & Public Life
    • Hispanic Center
    • Global Attitudes
    • Social & Demographic Trends
  • The Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) and Microsoft Technet forums are vast and encourage information technology, software development and data security related Question and Answer activity
  • Many forums for Questions and Answers are available within the IBM Social Computing sites
  • The Center for Responsive Politics is non-partisan, and answers questions. They are similar to Pew Research, though more narrow in scope

*A reference librarian’s primary duty is to answer questions, with source citations for context or historical background.

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